TURNPIKE is an alt-country band from South Slope, Brooklyn. Their soulful trip through Americana is fueled on big harmonies, rolling beats, and catchy hooks.

As lead singer and songwriter, Jeff Yas drives the unit with honest songs about growing up, family history and the seismic nature of love. In Bulletproof, Jeff takes us back to his hometown of Framingham, Massachusetts, exploring the trapped & wayward feelings of youth. In Finding My Place in Time, we go “digging through those basement drawers to find out where we're from.” In I Never Knew What to Say, Jeff voices the regret that comes from wasted love. Jeff takes you on a little journey.

Ryan Parker is a jazz-influenced drummer, composer and vocalist who gives TURNPIKE its hidden horsepower.

Ben Herzog plays bass with a playful, yet powerful strut, rounding out the vocals on the tight turns.

Ray Gehring has been cutting across all lanes as a jazz guitarist for 20 years, and has given TURNPIKE a new dynamic edge.

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